• DeoxIT Mini Gold spray GN5MS-15 14g

Available here is the DeoxIT Gold mini spray GN5MS-15 (14 gram) with extension tube, bulk packaged, brand new and available for both domestic and international shipping.DeoxIT® Gold G-Series - Contact Enhancer, Conditioner & Protector(formerly ProGold)DeoxIT® Gold (formerly ProGold), is a unique conditioning solution that improves conductivity and provides long-lasting protection on gold, base metals and other precious metal contacts and connections (gold, silver, rhodium, copper, bronze, nickel, etc.).Use on plated connectors, contacts and metal surfaces for maximum performance and protection. Recommended for critical applications where only slight cleaning action is necessary. If the surface looks clean, applying DeoxIT D-Series contact cleaner first is usually not necessary. DeoxIT® Gold is designed to dissolve small amounts of oxidation. Apply DeoxIT® Gold after DeoxIT® D-Series contact cleaner on plated metal surfaces, except where noted with DeoxIT® Shield S-Series below. The more critical the connection or part, especially low current applications, DeoxIT® Gold should be the final step. For reference, DeoxIT® Gold has approximately 0.5% cleaning action.
  • Improves Conductivity
  • Maintains Optimum Signal Quality
  • Protects Base Metals from Oxidation
  • Prevents Dendrite and Fretting Corrosion
  • Forms Protective Anti-Tarnishing Layer
  • Reduces Arcing, RFI and Intermittent Connections
  • Reduces Wear and Abrasion
  • Temperature Range, -34 C to +240 C
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DeoxIT Mini Gold spray GN5MS-15 14g

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