• SPL Tube Vitalizer MK2-T – harmonics processor

SPL Vitalizer MK2-T tube vitalizer / harmonics processorThe MK2 Tube Vitalizer consists of 4 sections, after the input Drive ctrl: Vitalizer harmonics processor: a 'filter network' as an alternative to exciters such as Aphex's. Exciters introduce harmonic distortion to brighten up the signal. The Vitalizer circuit doesn't. Instead, it realigns phase relations in the harmonics structure, thus 'unmasking' what's already there. Features 2 individually tuneable frequency bands with independent controls.Bass enhancer & compressor: thickens bass in two modes. 'Soft' raises levels in the decay/sustain phase of a signal's envelope, whereas 'tight' grabs the transients/attack phase. The compressor smoothes out resulting excess.Stereo width control: MS (mid side balance)-control matrix, enabling widening or narrowing the stereo image.Tube stage: valve harmonics particularly add definition to the mid range and help contour bass elements. Takes off unpleasant edges for a most natural listening experience.Both, the vitalizer & the bass section do what no EQ does, since they react dynamically to the signal's inherent characteristics. One of the most meaningful additions to a master/buss EQ & comp combo. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Condition: Technically perfectly functional. Some visible wear on edges, backside & top/bottom. Rack ears show some wear from being racked tightly. Other than that all fine. Looks neat when racked.Switchable 110/230V operation (currently with fuse for 230V). Connectors: XLR & jack.______________________________________________________________Worldwide shipping with tracking & full insurance. DHL Germany's insurance terms apply!Sold as is – no returns, no warranty.Verkauf von Privat unter Ausschluss der Gewährleistung.

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SPL Tube Vitalizer MK2-T – harmonics processor

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